Sunday 19 June 2016

FINLAND: Owls and Wolverines

I have recently returned from another successful Wise Birding Holidays tour to Finland. The trip was slightly different compared to my last tour to Finland in 2014, as the itinerary included two nights looking for Wolverines in the south-eastern half of the country. Despite the less impressive vole numbers compared to 2014, we still managed to find the five key owls (Great Grey, Ural, Hawk, Tengmalm's and Pygmy) and the Wolverines were simply fantastic. Below are some of the bird highlights. Mammal highlights to follow!

Hawk Owl - This adult bird was feeding at least one juvenile on the nest

Ural Owl - One of two juveniles seen as well as an adult bird that was untypically shy.
Amazingly, these birds fledged just five hours after we saw them!

Tengmalm's Owl - a typical view of an adult at a nest box

Great Grey Owl - difficult this year with low numbers breeding, so this female with young chicks was very much appreciated

Siberian Jay - one of two birds seen very well near Kuusamo

Siberian Jay

Siberian Tit - one of a pair seen at a nest box

Rustic Bunting - this female bird was seen feeding a recently fledged juvenile. The male was also seen well, but eluded the camera!

Little Bunting - this singing male was seen just metres from the Rustic Bunting close to the Russian Border

Common Rosefinch - good numbers this year and always great to see in breeding plumage in the hotel gardens

Ortolan Bunting - a few singing males around the Oulu area

Terek Sandpiper - a single bird was seen well in Kempele Bay

Velvet Scoters - great to see these bright breeding plumaged birds near Kuusamo

Capercaillie - this male performed exceptionally well
Black-throated Divers near Kuusamo

Slavonian Grebe near Oulu

Whooper Swans - Finland's national bird

"Northern" Bullfinch

Birding near the Russian border

Me at the Russian border


  1. Glad you for stopping by exploring our birds here in Finland.

  2. Nice one Chris !

    I remember seeing singing little and rustic bunting very close together in Finland too, one of the trip highlights for me.

  3. Hi Gary - Good to hear from you! Can you send me an email as want to check something with you.

  4. Gripped by the Owl pics. I'll have to do this trip with you one year.