Tuesday 21 June 2016

FINLAND - Wolverine and Bear!

Wolverines are the largest terrestrial mustelid. Mustelids include mammals such as Otters, Badgers, Martens etc. My recent trip to Finland included two nights at a great lodge near the town of Joensuu in southern Finland. We had two nights in a number of different hides and saw a minimum of eight individual Wolverines and a Brown Bear during this time. I shall be organising a "Wolverine extension" to my normal Wise Birding Owls trip again next year.

Wolverine 1

Wolverine 2

Wolverine 3

Wolverine 2

Wolverine 4

Wolverines 5 & 6

Brown Bear - This bear wandered through at 04.23hrs and dug up some bait that the Wolverines had stashed!

Brown Bear

Wolverine up close and personal!

Wolverine Hide - This is one of the hides our group spent the night

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  1. Bears and wolverines, fortunately, not seen in the wild (the zoo though). Bear's droppings in the nearby forest has been reflected. Fortunately, they are usually away from humans.