Friday 9 June 2017

FINLAND - Wolverines, Bears and Great Grey Owls

I have just returned from a Wise Birding Holidays short break to Finland. This 3 night short break was focused on trying to see Wolverine with a good chance of European Brown Bear and of course a few birds! For the second year running we were successful with no less than 9 Wolverines, 2 Bears and a lone Wolf! Add to this a pair of Great Grey Owls feeding 3 chicks, Capercaillie, Black-throated Diver, Greenish Warbler and Red-breasted Flycatcher and it makes for a great short break. Next year I hope to include a trip to see Saimaa Ringed Seal also. If interested please contact me through the website.
European Brown Bear - an amazing animal to see up close!

Wolverines are part of the mustelid family

European Brown Bear - This animal was seen on two separate days

Wolverines are carnivores and males are around 30% larger than females

Great Grey Owl is always a "must see" species when birding in Finland. We saw two adults feeding 3 chicks

Red-Breasted Flycatcher in Patvinsuo NP

One of the hides for viewing the Wolverines


  1. Wow, looks like another stunning trip, well done sir...

    1. Cheers John - Finland is always great. Hope you are well.

  2. I am ok thanks. would love to do the trip next year perhaps...