Monday 5 June 2017

Lundy May 2017

I recently spent the week Sat 27th May - Sat 3rd June volunteering for the RSPB as part of their ongoing monitoring of the Manx Shearwater colony on Lundy. The island was officially declared rat-free in 2006 and the population has increased over tenfold since that time from approximately 300 pairs to almost 3,500 pairs in 2013. This was the first survey since 2013 and the results will be out soon! We were a team of 11 staff & volunteers carrying out burrow checks all over the island. A very enjoyable week!
Below are some of the highlights:

South Light and Rat Island

Manx Shearwater

Recently excavated Manx Shearwater burrow

Red-rumped Swallow - I first found this bird in Millcombe Valley on 27th May and later learned it was seen up the east coast a couple
of hours before me by one birder. It was then seen early the next morning and then not seen again for 6 days when I took this photo

Adult Rose-coloured Starling, Millcombe Valley. A cracking bird found by our accommodation on 1st June by Tony Taylor

Rook - an uncommon Spring visitor to Lundy

Rook - I first found the bird on a very misty day in with the local Carrion Crows!

Black Redstart - A singing male woke me up whilst camping on the morning of 28th May

East Coast of Lundy looking north

The Old Light

North end of Lundy looking south

Some of "Team Shearwater"

Some more of "Team Shearwater"

White Wagtail

Common Whitethroat

Young male Soay Sheep

Sika Deer

Male Siskin, Millcombe Valley


Peregrine Falcon 

Puffin from the Oldenburg

Lesser Black-backed Gull

Northern Fulmar

Common Dolphin from the Oldenburg

Sat 27th May Red-rumped Swallow - 1 Sand Martin - 1 House Martin - 3 Swift - 3 Barn Swallow Spotted Flycatcher - 1 Reed Warbler - singing in Millcombe Water Rail - calling at night 
Sun 28th May White Wagtail - 1 Black Redstart - 1 singing male 
Mon 29th May Grey Wagtail - 1 Reed Warbler - Millcombe House Martin - 1 Siskin - 1 male Millcombe Spotted Flycatcher - 1 Millcombe Rook - 1 just south of Quarter Wall 
Tues 30th May Rook - 1 still House Martin - 7+ Linnet - 35+ Hobby - 1 in off sea at north end 
Weds 31st May House Martin - 4 
Thurs 1st June Rose-coloured Starling - 1 adult behind the Barn 
Fri 2nd June House Martin - 2 
Sat 3rd June Red-rumped Swallow - 1below Castle Hill 11.10hrs and again Quarter Wall Copse at 13.10hrs House Martin - 2 Kestrel - female Common Whitethroat - 1 singing N of Heligoland trap on East Spotted Flycatcher - 2

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  1. sounds like a grand trip, with a few quality birds. you have certanly been getting about...