Thursday, 14 January 2010

Budleigh Salterton makes Autumn Watch!

Thursday 14th January
Well, there was you thinking Budleigh was only famous for retirement and Cream Teas, but then last night fame came through Autumn Watch
or rather
Snow Watch. Yep, the video nasty of a Water Rail feeding on a Meadow Pipit in a back stream in good old Budleigh hit national TV last night filmed by yours truly (well you have to enjoy the fame when it's there for the taking!) and gave Chris Packham, Martin HG and the lovely Kate Humble something to discuss on last night's Show.

If you missed it, there is always BBC iplayer just available for the next 7 days! -
Check out 3mins 45 seconds and 38 mins 54 seconds
Download it now and show it to your grand children!

Rather annoyingly, they failed to tell the whole story (despite me sending the details) of the fact that Doug and I witnessed the Water Rail actually drown the Meadow Pipit before devouring it. There seemed to be a bit of stringing going on last night with the dead bird being first identified as a Wagtail and even Kate said "How can you tell!"(but we'll let Chris off!)
Then amazingly, I witnessed presumably the same Water Rail running into cover with a freshly dead Meadow Pipit in its beak just 2 days later -

Anyway, there was my few seconds of fame - Maybe I'll be on the sofa with Humble in the Spring! Watch this space..........


  1. Have you seen the Birdwatch request for unusual goings on in this weather. They will love that. Email Callahan.