Thursday, 19 June 2014


Another day, another pelagic and more education on the difficulties of Pterodroma id at sea. This time the calmer seas gave us all an easier ride as we chummed to the South-East of Madeira. The morning was spent birding the local area around Machico again.....

Atlantic Canary

Monarch Butterfly

Ruddy Shelduck - vagrant to Madeira

One of the many Madeira Wall Lizards

Great Shearwater

The island of Bugio - part of the Desertas Islands and the breeding ground for Fea's (Desertas) Petrel

Presumed Fea's (Desertas) Petrel

Same bird as above

Different bird and undetermined so Fino's Petrel for now!

Bulwer's Petrel - always busy on the chum slick

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