Saturday 21 June 2014


Today was our final pelagic day we returned to a chumming spot to the North-East of the island, back in the Zino's Petrel hotspot. En route to the chumming spot we were entertained by more great marine life including a group of 6 logging Sperm Whales, at least 5 Atlantic Spotted Dolphins and Loggerhead Turtle.
We arrived at our chumming spot at around 5pm and found the wind and some very big swells in excess of 2 metres - which feels pretty big in a small boat! We had no luck with the hoped for Storm Petrels, but were entertained by some very fast moving Pterodromas in the wind.

Earlier in the day we took our usual walk along the river and were treated to some excellent views of the very rare melanistic form of Blackcap - a crazy looking bird. I had always been intrigued by thisform when first reading about it prior to my first visit to Madeira in 2009.

Melanistic form of Blackcap - this form is quite rare and only known from Madeira and the Azores

Sperm Whales

Presumed Zino's Petrel - High underwing score, relatively small bill and fairly light build

Cory's Shearwater - seen daily and heard from our hotel room at night

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  1. That Blackcap is mental!! Nice 'almost sharp' pics matey!