Sunday 16 January 2022

Glossy Ibis

During the late autumn / winter there has been a national influx of Glossy Ibis records. Records have ranged from the Isles of Scilly to Scotland and during the last couple of weeks at least, it has included a number of birds in Devon. As a result, I have been keeping a close eye on the new Lower Otter Restoration area which is perfect feeding habitat for the species. I wasn't the lucky one today, but thanks goes to Laurie Allnat who found nine birds late this afternoon feeding in the newly restored area just north of South Farm Road. 

It is certainly not the first time, the Otter Valley has hosted Glossy Ibis. Personally this is my third sighting of birds on the patch (though there have been other sightings pre-2010), following a bird I found in Jan 2014 with Doug Cullen that soon increased to two birds and then of course there was the memorable flock of 20 birds in September 2010!

Always a great bird to see and seemingly a species that will become more common in the future and all the better for being on the local patch!

The nine Glossy Ibis on the Lower Otter Restoration area

Eight of the nine Glossy Ibis when spooked by a low flying helicopter 

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