Friday 26 September 2014

BRAZIL - Northern Pantanal Jaguars!

Now for the best mammal of all and my best wildlife watching experience to date!

On our first day on the Cuiaba River we stumbled across this impressive female Jaguar that we watched for over 40 minutes seemingly in hunting mode. The views were incredible and I really didn't think we could get anything better. Later that evening we saw a second animal at dusk briefly that could not be sexed.
The following day, our morning started well with an impressive male Jaguar swimming across the Piquiri River, but little did we know what was in store later the same afternoon!

From around 3pm until dusk we watched the same female from day one teaching two tiny Jaguar cubs to swim! One cub seemed a little more determined than the other and the mother took them into the water on at least three different occasions. Amazing to watch all this behaviour unfold in front of us for 3 hours and mostly on our own! Simply Superb. Then to top it all, we saw another Jaguar crossing the Transpantaneira on our return north making it at least 5 different animals in just three days and around 4 hours observation.